Symposium & Ausstellung  /  26. November 2018  -  28. November 2018

14th International Symposium & Accompanying Exhibition on Sophisticated Car Safety Systems

Road safety is still a key concern for all the sectors involved, including car manufacturers, suppliers and regulators. Developments in vehicle and road user safety emphasize integral safety through the fusion of active and passive safety systems. Although the benefits are well known to experts, there is clearly a need for close cooperation between all interested parties. The 14th AIRBAG 2000+ Symposium in 2018 will again be a meeting place for engineers, scientists, legislators, managers and marketing experts to exchange information, to make and improve contacts, to stimulate further progress and to promote integral safety for road users on an impartial platform.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT is the leading independent research and development facility for airbag technology and testing. As a division of Fraunhofer, Europe’s largest organization for applied and contract research, the Fraunhofer ICT offers a unique event for the automobile industry, suppliers and public authorities.


  • Symposium with invited lectures by leading experts
  • Technical and scientific poster session – open for your contribution
  • Expanded exhibition

Invited lectures

by world-leading experts

  • Legislation framework on car occupant safety
  • Autonomous driving and traffic safety
  • Accident studies
  • Integrated safety
  • Rear seat safety
  • Airbag technology, trends and new developments
  • Sensor systems
  • Injuries, medical aspects
  • Risks, statistics
  • Crash behavior
  • Safety-related issues of alternative drive systems
  • Quality, reliability, service life
  • Gas generators and inflators for integral safety systems
  • Vision: the ultimate approach to passenger safety

Your contribution

All lectures are based on invited papers. Other technical and scientific contributions can be made via poster presentations along with written manuscripts, which will be included in the proceedings. These contributions will be at the cutting edge of technical  development. Purely commercial presentations will be assigned to the exhibition.

Poster authors will be registered as participants and will be charged the registration fee.

Please submit your poster title, a 300-word abstract and the name(s) of the author(s) by April 14th, 2018 to the symposium organizer.


A limited number of booths are available to present commercial applications. Exhibition space will be sold on a first-come-firstserved basis. Please contact the organizer as early as possible to make your reservation (the final deadline is April 14, 2018).

Program committee

  • Jens Bosch (Volkswagen AG)
  • Michael Fehring (Daimler AG)
  • Dr. Bodo Specht (AUDI AG)
  • Helge Grasshoff (Continental Automotive GmbH)
  • Adam McNeill (BMW AG)
  • Clemens Willke (Robert Bosch GmbH)
  • Thomas Miodek (Porsche AG)
  • Heiko Ruck (Joyson Safety Systems)
  • Dirk Schultz (ZF Friedrichshafen AG)
  • Hans Spies (Ingenieurbüro Spies)
  • Joachim Lodemann (Autoliv B.V. & Co. KG)
  • Dr. Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn (Karlsruher Institute of Technology, KIT)

Chairman of the Program Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Elsner (Fraunhofer ICT)

Chairman of the Symposium

  • Dr. Jochen Neutz (Fraunhofer ICT)