Veranstaltungen und Messen

  • Bremen, Pfinztal, Hamburg, Darmstadt, Freiburg, Augsburg, Kaiserslautern, Aachen / 31.1.2017 - 30.9.2018

    Composite Engineer (CE)

    Das Arbeiten mit Faserverbundwerkstoffen (FVW) bietet auf Grund des werkstoffimmanenten Potenzials dieser Materialien zahlreichen Branchen innovative Möglichkeiten. Mit dem neuen zertifizierenden Weiterbildungsangebot »Composite Engineer« (»Faserverbund-Fachingenieur«) werden die Kompetenzen der Fraunhofer Gesellschaft bzw. der Fraunhofer-Allianz Leichtbau im Themengebiet Faserverbundwerkstoffe gebündelt.

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  • Kongresszentrum Karlsruhe / 26.6.2018 - 29.6.2018

    49th International Annual Conference of the Fraunhofer ICT...

    ... with a different emphasis each year, cover scientific and technological progress in the entire field of energetic materials and the related disciplines. Held annually for over 40 years, the conferences have gained worldwide importance, with hundreds of participants from more than 30 nations each year. The conferences are held in Karlsruhe’s Convention Center, one hour south of Frankfurt International Airport.

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  • Gartenhalle, Karlsruhe, Germany / 21.10.2018 - 24.10.2018

    IMRET 2018

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    For its 15th edition, the International Conference on Micro Reaction Technology (IMRET) is coming back to where it all began. Since the start of this “place to be” for chemists, chemical engineers and micro systems engineers, the event has demonstrated a variety of new applications in chemical engineering, chemistry, related disciplines like energy supply, and even more different fields such as analytics, life science and medicine. Yet, as each of the involved disciplines has seen amazing progress, the mission of providing an effective platform for exchange is more topical than ever.

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