Polymer Engineering

Application-oriented research into technical polymers for practical implementation is the core competence of the Polymer Engineering Department. Through our participation in Fraunhofer alliances and innovation clusters, our excellent international contacts and our collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, we are able to offer our partners system solutions from one provider: from polymer synthesis, materials engineering, polymer processing, component development and production through to recycling.

Research areas in the Polymer Engineering Department


Compounding and extrusion

The main focus of this research group is process and material development. In many cases these elements have equal importance in our work. We also develop individual sub-steps if requested.



The main research topic of the nanocomposites group is the production of polymer compounds using nanoscale additives to adjust the electrical, mechanical or thermal properties of thermoplastic polymers.


Foam technologies

In the area of foamed polymers the Fraunhofer ICT covers the entire development chain from material development and the production of extrusion-foamed particles and semi-finished products through to the production of parts.


Thermoplastic processing

The research group for thermoplastic processing works on process development for the large-series processing of thermoplastic materials.


Thermoset processing

The research group for thermoset processing is concerned with material and process development for the large-scale manufacture of long-fiber-reinforced composite components with thermosetting matrix materials, for structural and surface-specific applications.


High-performance fiber composites

The research group for high-performance fiber composites is concerned with material and processing tasks relating to resin transfer molding (RTM).


Microwave and plasma technology

The Fraunhofer ICT's competences in the area of microwave and plasma technology go far beyond simple processing technologies. They include the development of production units and measurement technology, accompanied by numerical simulation of the electromagnetic field and the resultant heating or plasma formation.


Plastics testing and failure analysis

We offer a comprehensive range of services, supplying polymer producers, design engineers, component manufacturers and their purchasers with important information that enables material evaluation or quality comparisons of finished parts at every level.