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  • Novel cooling concept for eco-friendly mobility / 2019

    Directly-cooled electric motor made from polymer materials

    Press release / 1.2.2019

    Sectional view of the electric motor. The core of the motor is a stator consisting of twelve individual teeth, which are wound upright using a flat wire.
    © Fraunhofer ICT

    Making electric cars lighter also involves reducing the weight of the motor. One way to do that is by constructing it from fiber-reinforced polymer materials. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT are working together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT to develop a new cooling concept that will enable polymers to be used as motor housing materials. And that’s not the only advantage of the new cooling concept: it also significantly increases the power density and efficiency of the motor compared to the state of the art.

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  • SMiLE project / 2019

    Hybrid thermoplastics give load floor impact strength

    Press release / 16.1.2019

    © Fraunhofer ICT

    "A multiyear, publicly funded research program called System integrated Multi-Material Lightweight Design for E-mobility (SMiLE) took a holistic approach to reducing mass and costs for the entire body-in-white structure (shown here) of a battery-electric vehicle by applying combinations of composites and non-ferrous metals."

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  • SUPERMET project / 2018

    Launch of the SUPERMET project website

    Press release / 17.12.2018

    The website has been designed to present and give news about SUPERMET research and development project, launched on 23rd May 2018. This website was finalized during the second regular project meeting.

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  • A special show by the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance at BAU 2019 / 2018

    BAU 2019 - Living spaces of the future: digital - sustainable - smart

    Press release / 25.10.2018

    © IBK2

    Digitization, climate change, scarcity of resources and housing shortages - these trends call for society, business and research alike to change their ways. The construction industry also has to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the constantly growing demands placed on buildings. It is becoming increasingly important to think in cross-industry terms and act via networks. The member institutes of the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance are working continuously on interdisciplinary solutions and systems to actively shape the "living spaces of the future". With its special show at BAU 2019, Hall C2, Booth 528, the Fraunhofer alliance will be presenting innovative products and system solutions from its construction research.

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