Press releases

  • PFAS identification | replacement | removal

    Fraunhofer-Magazin 4/2023 / January 23, 2024

    © Fotografie: Jan von Holleben

    PFAS: The poison of the century - Toxic PFAS are endangering our water. Now there are plans to ban them in Europe. This presents the industrial sector with major problems because these “forever chemicals” are essential to many products and processes.

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  • Lightweight design – less is more

    Fraunhofer-Magazin 4/2023 / January 10, 2024

    © Fraunhofer / Bernd Hartung

    The New Lightness - Heavy objects are a burden on the environment. Making heavy things lighter saves energy, conserves resources, promotes sustainability while improving the function and safety of products at the same time. Fraunhofer is developing a variety of innovative approaches.

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  • Screenshots from the MobileCityGame Version 20230810
    © 2023, Fraunhofer, KIT, Takomat

    The mobility transition requires an intelligent networking of all mobility op-tions. Besides achieving better individual mobility with less traffic, it is critical to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles and mobility systems. Digitiza-tion and AI can play a decisive role in development, testing, validation and sys-tem networking. In KAMO (short for »Karlsruhe Mobility«), we address current and future challenges faced by individuals, companies, local authorities and the environment through knowledge transfer, practical examples and smart tech-nologies.

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