Energetic Systems

In the Energetic Systems Department, defense research is the current focus of work. Particular emphasis is placed on the modeling, simulation, characterization, system development and testing of explosives. In the civil sector, our energy researchers work in the field of thermal and chemical storage and conversion, while research in the safety and security sector focuses on the development of situation-specific airbag and protection systems as well as on the investigation and analysis of safety hazards and accident scenarios for the industrial sector.

Research areas in the Energetic Systems Department


Combustion and pyrotechnics

Work in this field focuses on the physical mechanisms and chemical reactions occurring during the combustion processes in each of the above systems, with the aim of optimizing them. A particular strength of the research group is causal investigation and the solution of specific problems in applied combustion processes.


Interior ballistics and detonics

The main focus of work is the characterization of explosive substances in terms of their ignition and combustion properties, measurement of the internal ballistic parameters of gun and rocket propellants, the investigation of explosives in terms of their detonation properties and analyses of their sensitivity to different stimuli.


Gas generators and non-lethal weapons

Beside their application in airbag systems, pyrotechnic gas generators have a wide range of applications in safety and security technology. Traditional application fields include safety and stabilization on impact, whereas the separation of electrical connections and the expulsion of powders or liquids are innovative topics.