Foam technologies

Foamed materials have numerous advantages compared to their compact counterparts. In the area of foamed polymers the Fraunhofer ICT covers the entire development chain, including material development, the production of extrusion-foamed particles and semi-finished products, and component production.

Material development and characterization

The focus of material development is the targeted modification and improvement of the properties of foamable polymers. The aim is to develop foamed materials tailored to specific applications.

Direct foam extrusion

The foam extrusion of polymers is a commercial manufacturing process for thermoplastic foams. The foaming of the polymers allows significant modifications to be made to their property profile, making them suitable for a range of applications.

Particle foam technology

The broad and continually widening application spectrum for particle foam components, and the high demands placed on them, require increasingly tailored, high-quality material combinations and processing technologies.