New Drive Systems

Drive systems for future mobility concepts, as well as energy sovereignty and sustainable energy supplies, are some of the most significant scientific and technological challenges faced by society today. The Department New Drive Systems consequently aims to advance applied research and pilot-level product development in these areas.

Research areas of the New Drive Systems Department


Hybrid powertrains and electro­mobility

The research group for »hybrid powertrains and electromobility« is concerned with the development of electrified powertrain concepts. The focus is on extending the range, improving functional safety and increasing the efficiency of the entire system.


Conventional powertrains

Research in the group for »conventional powertrains« focuses on increasing the efficiency of combustion-engine powertrain concepts and slightly electrified drive train topologies.


Stationary powertrains and heat utilization

In the group for »stationary powertrains and heat utilization«, innovative heat and power cogeneration units are developed in order to increase the efficiency of a mini block heat and power plant (CHP).


Lightweight powertrain design

Research in this group is concerned with weight reduction in moving and non-moving components of the powertrain. Lightweight metals and fiber composites are used and combined via hybrid design methods in order to meet the demands placed on components while at the same time minimizing their weight.



In close cooperation with the teams for »simulation« and »testing«, the »design« group aims to find technical solutions to challenges arising in the institute's various competence areas. CATIA V5 is used together with a PDM system and an extensive material database.



The »simulation« team focuses on the modeling and analysis of individual components and entire systems.



In the »testing« group, various experiments are conducted involving the different fields of research. The measurement results obtained are used to validate simulation models and develop suggestions to improve the design.