Plastic testing


In our testing laboratory we conduct comprehensive investigations into polymer materials along the entire processing chain, from the raw material to the finished component. Where materials have failed, we offer our project partners and external customers a systematic analysis of the causes of failure and the influencing factors.

Test results can only be used to compare different materials when the sample production and the preparation of the materials are identical. Standardized manufacturing methods for the different molding compounds are therefore available in our pilot plants and laboratories.

Our experts are independent of manufacturers. They can consequently provide a neutral analysis of the results according to requirements, which can serve as a practical guideline for our customers.


Material testing and failure analysis

Numerous testing facilities are available for the characterization of material properties and causal investigations in the event of failure:

  • mechanical and technological tests
  • rheology
  • interface characterization
  • thermal analysis
  • microscopy and preparation
  • instrumental analysis

Detailed information on our testing and manufacturing methods is available in our information leaflet.