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08.09.2016 "Fraunhofer Battery Alliance"

In this image film, the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance introduces itself and its competences.

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25.07.2016 "Flexible seatpost"

Fraunhofer researchers present a suspension seatpost made of carbon-fiber-reinforced composites.

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20.10.2016 "Eco design in the European aviation industry"

Decreasing the environmental impact of aircraft across their entire life span
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22.04.2015 "Single-cylinder research engine"

In the future, car manufacturers could produce engine blocks made in part from fiber-reinforced polymers, thus achieving additional savings in weight and fuel.

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08.09.2015 "Polymer Engineering"

The Polymer Engineering Department presents insights into its key fields of research.

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23.08.2013 "Towards a zero footprint camp"

In collaboration with Bundeswehr Technical Center WTD 51 fuel cells are developed to reduce the energy consumption of field camps. These were recently demonstrated under operational conditions during the NATO exercise CL 2013.

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