Symposium  /  10.10.2018  -  11.10.2018

2nd CE- and FFE-Forum

The second joint CE and FFE forum is dedicated to scientists, users and equipment manufacturers on the two electrophoretic separation techniques alike. A deep exchange of results, news and helpful information for your personal progress and your daily lab work is a key aspect of the forum.

Combining the tradition of the CE forum to be a platform especially dedicated to young scientists and the emphasis of the FFE forum for broad open discussion between the experts it is intended to give all participants the opportunity to present their work in a form of a lecture or a poster. A focus will be given to discussions between the participants instead of pure lectures only. Especially the lecturer are encouraged to present also negative results or dead-ends of their research efforts to maximize the learning effect for the audience! And why not ask unresolved questions to the audience?

To pick up the wishes of former participants enough time for discussions will be scheduled. Therefore, after each oral presentation there will be about 10 min for discussions. The poster sessions will be combined with a short oral presentation of each topic. Additionally, with the get-together evening event we would like to give all participants enough time for personal talks. Here, you may find appropriate partners for cooperation and future projects. Additionally, a panel discussion to promote the intensive exchange will be organized.

For further information please contact Dominik Müller.