Stationary powertrains and heat utilization

The research work focuses on the development of innovative heat and power cogeneration units to increase the efficiency of a mini block heat and power plant (CHP). The main objective is the integration of suitable electric and thermal storage systems to allow an energy supply that is independent of the energy converter. The most promising systems are thermo-chemical heat storage devices based on zeolite, or latent heat storage devices based on PCM. In the department's research on powertrains, emphasis is placed on the durability of the energy converter, and on achieving the longest possible maintenance interval.

Heat storage

With the transition to renewable energies the storage, conversion and utilization of waste heat – especially in heating systems – has become an important topic. The development of individual storage systems tailored to the respective application profile leads to a reduction in the use of primary energy sources.


Ease-of-maintenance and durability

The maintenance of a CHP differs significantly from that of other heating technologies, because it is usually powered by a combustion engine similar to those used in the automobile industry. This is a key research topic for the department NAS, which is develop ing an innovative concept for changing the lubricant oil. This will considerably facilitate the maintenance of mini block heat and power plants and reduce the amount of lubricant oil to be changed.