Batteries and secondary batteries

Our services include the selection of an energy storage device for your application, the electrochemical characterization of materials and cells, identification of the physical parameters of your materials for simulations, and causal investigations in the event of cell failure. We work on promising next-generation systems, and conduct safety tests with time-resolved gas analysis on your cells and modules.

Materials research

Next-generation systems

Electromobility and stationary energy storage require novel material combinations with advantages over conventional systems, for example in terms of higher energy density or lower costs. Fraunhofer ICT conducts research on numerous promising systems, e.g. lithium-sulfur cells, sodium-sulfur cells and silicon anodes, aiming to develop them to application level.


Development of electrolytes and membranes

The electrolyte is the core component in achieving material combinations with higher energy densities and a longer service life. Fraunhofer ICT investigates and continuously optimizes electrolytes with regard to their stability and performance. Dense, ion-conducting membranes can prevent electrolyte degradation and are therefore an important focus of research.


Construction of demonstrators

After a certain development stage, only limited information can be obtained from button cells. Fraunhofer ICT produces small multi-layered pouch cells for materials research.

Testing and measurement services

Material testing

We test electrodes, electrolytes, separators and conductors in standardized systems and compare them with the state of the art.


Measurement data for your simulation

We support our customers in determining the thermal capacity, conductivity and further physical parameters of cell coils, regardless of their design.

Flyer: Measurement data for your simulation


Identifying the causes of failure

Your customer's battery cells have burnt out - and it's giving you burn-out?! We can help by identifying the cause of failure.


Safety tests

We conduct standardized or tailored safety tests on your cells or modules. Our offer includes overcharging, thermal ramp, nail penetration, crushing and shaker tests. What is the hazard level of your standard cell?


Thermal energy and gas release

Do you need information on the energy released from your cells if they malfunction? Would you like to know how much gas your cells release during thermal runaway, and how hot they become? We are happy to provide assistance.


Gas analysis

Using time-resolved methods we identify which gases are released from your cells and when. Are critical volumes reached, which can lead to serious hazards?