Recycling and resource efficiency management

Resource efficiency and sustainability are at the heart of the material, process and concept development carried out by the recycling and resource efficiency management group. Starting from the characterization of material flows in terms of their potential reusability in high-value applications, preparation and processing methods are identified, further developed and implemented on a pilot scale in order to close material cycles.

Characterization of material flows

Beside chemical analysis we offer the measurement of particle size and fiber length in waste and material mixtures. Biodegradability studies can also be performed.


Treatment of valuable waste streams

In a well-equipped recycling management pilot plant we develop and optimize sorting and comminution methods for material compounds and mixtures, which are later implemented by our industrial partners.


Resource-efficient production processes

The development, production and exploitation of products according to eco-friendliness and efficiency are our main research focus. Our technology developments cover a variety of sectors and production processes.


Strategy and consultancy

Beside technological development we offer our partners in the public and private sector consultancy services on sustainability and resource efficiency.