Polymers and additives

The group for polymers and additives (P&A) investigates and develops plastic components based on renewable resources, which are then tested for potential applications. The research aims to elaborate new sustainable components and production processes for polymer materials.

Some of these components may change and optimize formulations and the properity profiles of product through the implementation of new functionalities and / or properities.

Monomers and additives obtained from biomass

The use of biomass as a raw material for polymer products is an important factor in the responsible and sustainable use of resources. In order to develop tailored monomers and additives, organic chemical synthesis methods are investigated, and technical production processes are tested.



Bio-based polymers can be obtained from a wide variety of biomass materials. The development of new materials based on renewable resources requires for example the synthesis and characterization of biopolymers, and their testing during application and in the final product.


Flame retardancy

The development and evaluation of new, non-harmful and environmentally-friendly flame retardants is important for a wide range of applications. In addition to high efficiency, flame retardants must be sufficiently compatible with the modified material.


Chemical recycling

The use of plastic waste as a new source of raw materials is gaining industrial and social significance. Beside the optimization of established depolymerization processes and their industrial implementation, the group also researches and develops new recycling methods.