Symposium  /  May 13, 2019  -  May 16, 2019

11th International Heat Flow Calorimetry Symposium on Energetic Materials

The next International Heat Flow Calorimetry Symposium on Energetic Materials (HFCS-EM) will take place in May 2019. This will be the 11th symposium in a series that started more than 20 years ago in 1997. The venue will again be the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT, which successfully hosted the HFCS-EM in 2008.

The HFCS-EM is a specialized symposium considering the effects, the use, the interpretation and the modelling of heat flow for materials that have a higher energy due to their chemical composition or due to energetic enhancement. Other issues relating to heat flow are also studied, including solution calorimetry, titration calorimetry, energetic interaction between substances and heat conductivity. The instrumentation is often the ‘classical’ heat flow microcalorimeter (HFMC), but other heat flow techniques include DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry), ARC (Accelerating Rate Calorimetry), RC (reaction calorimetry) and RFC (reaction flow calorimetry).

Please examine the list of topics. Feel not be excluded with your aspects using heat flow techniques, any application and interpretation related to heat flow is welcome.

Most presentations at HFCS-EM are given orally. However, poster presentations will also be arranged. When providing your abstract, please indicate your preference for an oral or a poster presentation.

Companies working in the field of heat flow techniques will have the opportunity to exhibit during the symposium.

The venue is situated in Berghausen (Pfinztal) This is close to the city of Karlsruhe, which is easily reachable by train from the major airports Frankfurt (Main), Stuttgart and Munich. The airport best connected to Karlsruhe is Frankfurt-Main, which has a long-distance train station directly attached to the airport buildings, easily accessible by foot. The German high-speed ICE (Intercity Express) trains run every hour between Frankfurt Airport and Karlsruhe Main Station. There are also TGV (French high-speed trains) and ICE connections between Paris and Karlsruhe.

More information about the venue is provided in the section "Map – How to reach us" on this website. Please also refer to the section "Hotels" for information about accommodation.

If you have any questions, please contact the co-chairs of the symposium, preferably by e-mailing both of us. We look forward to seeing you in May 2019 at the HFCS-EM.


  • Performance evaluation of energetic materials regarding chemical compatibility, stability, aging and in-service time
  • Decomposition kinetics of energetic materials or decomposing chemicals – mechanisms, kinetic descriptions
  • Modelling and simulation of thermal effects and hazards
  • Use of heat flow: thermal behavior of decomposing chemicals in design and manufacturing
  • Safety assessment of energetic materials or decomposing chemicals using heat flow techniques
  • Testing: measurements and assessment procedures
  • Other thermal methods: DSC, ARC, reaction batch calorimeter, solution calorimeter, microcalorimetric titration techniques, reaction flow calorimeter
  • Special thermal techniques using heat flow as a determination of heat conductivity, heat capacity, …
  • Combination with non-heat-flow methods to analyse heat flow processes (HFC and gas generation, FTIR, Raman, HPLC, …)
  • Instrumental improvements and innovations on heat flow techniques such as calibration, performance, reproducibility, …
  • Regulations and standards regarding heat flow methods

Deadlines and further information

Steering Committee Members

  • Dr. Manfred A. Bohn, Fraunhofer ICT, Germany (Symp. Chair 2008, 2019)
  • Mr. Moritz Heil, Fraunhofer ICT, Germany (Symp. Chair 2019)
  • Dr. Michael Ramin, Nitrochemie-Wimmis, Switzerland
  • Mr. Wim de Klerk, TNO Defence, Security, Safety, The Netherlands (Symp. Chair 2010)
  • Ms. Helge Schimansky, Rheinmetall Denel Munition, South Africa
  • Dr. Sara K. Pliskin, NSWC Crane, USA (Symp. Chair 2017)
  • Dr. Ryan Ubelhor, NSWC Crane, USA (Symp. Chair 2017)
  • Ms. Terhi Merilainen, FDRA, Finland (Symp. Chair 2015)
  • Mr. Alan Macdonald, AWE, UK (Symp. Chair 2012)
  • Dr. Ruth Tunnell, QINETIQ Fort Halstead, UK
  • Dr. Alain Dejeaifve, PB Clermont, Belgium

Emeritus Members

  • Prof. Dr. Edward L. Charsley, Centre for Thermal Studies, University of Huddersfield, Queensgate, Huddersfield HD1 3DH, UK
  • Dr. Bernard E. Douda, formerly NSWC Crane, Crane, Indiana, USA


Day 1 -  Monday, May 13, 2019

Travel to Karlsruhe. Early registration is offered on Monday from 17:00 onwards. The Welcome Reception will be held from 18:00 to 20:30 in the Hotel Achat Plaza in Karlsruhe.

Day 2 -  Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Symposium day at Fraunhofer ICT (whole day). Lunch at the venue. Bus transportation is provided from Karlsruhe (in front of Hotel Achat Plaza) to Fraunhofer ICT and back.

Day 3 -  Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Symposium day at Fraunhofer ICT (whole day). Lunch at the venue and dinner in the evening. Bus transportation is provided from Karlsruhe (in front of Hotel Achat Plaza) to Fraunhofer ICT and back.

Day 4 -  Thursday, May 16, 2019

Symposium day at Fraunhofer ICT (morning only). Lunch at the venue. End of symposium after lunch. Bus transportation is provided from Karlsruhe (in front of Hotel Achat Plaza) to Fraunhofer ICT and back.