Tagung  /  27. Juni 2023  -  30. Juni 2023

52. Internationale Jahrestagung des Fraunhofer ICT

Die internationale Jahrestagung des Fraunhofer ICT behandelt, mit jährlich wechselnden Schwerpunkten, den wissenschaftlichen und technologischen Fortschritt auf dem gesamten Gebiet der energetischen Materialien sowie den angrenzenden Disziplinen. Die jährlich stattfindende Tagung hat seit über 50 Jahren, mit Hunderten von Teilnehmer*innen aus mehr als 30 Nationen jedes Jahr, weltweite Bedeutung erlangt.

Energetic Materials – Analysis, Characterization, Modelling

Research into energetic materials is more relevant than ever and has been the focus of the ICT Annual Conference for more than 50 years. New research results, developments, applications and trends in the field of energetic materials have continually been presented, discussed and debated by the international research community. Many long-standing research goals are still relevant, such as increased performance and safety. However, there are also new aspects such as reducing the environmental and health hazards of the energetic materials and the resulting reaction products. In addition to the synthesis and production of new, high-performance energetic materials and additive manufacturing, these goals and requirements lead to the development of new and advanced methods in analysis, characterization and modelling. The spectrum ranges from online measurement techniques, and fast spectroscopic methods, through to analytical or even complex numerical models and simulations. The overall aim is to gain a better understanding of the processes and materials being investigated and to identify the factors influencing their behavior, allowing performance predictions or the development of new applications. 

The 52nd International ICT Annual Conference invites scientists, engineers and everyone who works with, develops and applies energetic materials to present their ideas, developments and results, to stimulate fruitful discussions leading to improvements and new developments of materials, methods and models.

Energetic Materials – Analysis, Characterization, Modelling

Main topics

  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Synthesis of energetic materials and components
  • Understanding combustion and detonation phenomena
  • New characterisation and experimental methods
  • Prediction and tailoring of system behaviour
  • New applications of energetic materials


Contributions to the conference can take the form of oral presentations (presentation time 20 minutes including discussion) or posters. Please submit an extended abstract not exceeding 500 words with optional figures and tables together with the exact title and name of the author(s). The papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings which will be available at the beginning of the event. Guidelines on how to prepare the text for publication will be sent to the authors.