Fraunhofer ICT’s EU projects

Fraunhofer ICT is an experienced and competent partner in EU-funded projects. We participated in more than 30 projects in Horizon 2020, and can draw on an international network of academic and industrial partners. As one of the largest and longest-established Fraunhofer institutes, we carry out applied research in the fields of polymer engineering and composite materials, chemical processes, energy systems, explosives technology and drive systems.

Below you can find a selection of EU calls in which we would like to participate, and the competences we offer.

Fraunhofer ICT offers its expertise as a partner in:

Building and renovating in an energy and resource efficient way

Green Deal 4-1

Topic ID: LC-GD-4-1-2020

Closing the industrial carbon cycle to combat climate change

Green Deal 3-1

Topic ID: LC-GD-3-1-2020