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Investigation of the optimal battery cell design for an efficient cell cooling

Level of work

Master thesis


Due to short ranges and long recharging times, the acceptance of battery electric vehicles is currently low in our society. Within a research project, the department „New Drive Systems“ of the Fraunhofer ICT is examining solutions for this problem. An efficient thermal management system (in particular an efficient cooling) of the battery cells is the key to solve this issue.

Within the master’s thesis, the optimal geometric design of a battery cell for an efficient cooling/heating of the cell will be investigated via numerical simulation. The investigations will consider different cooling/heating methods and are carried out using the example of a pouch cell.

Work description

  • Further development of an existing 3D simulation model of a battery cell
  • Integration of different cooling/heating principles to the cell simulation model
  • Parametrization of the model for an automatic variation of the cell setup and geometry
  • Creation of an optimization environment for the model
  • Optimization of the cell setup and geometry
  • Analysis and evaluation of the results
3D thermal Simulation of a single battery cell
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3D thermal Simulation of a single battery cell


  • Field of Study: Engineering, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and similar fields of study
  • Interest in new drive systems and battery systems
  • Knowledge in numerical simulation is desirable (FEM/CFD/CHT)
  • Personal initiative, creativity and structured style of work


April 2020

  • Please note that the chosen job title also includes the third sex.
  • The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft attaches great importance to gender-independent professional equality.