Conference  /  June 29, 2021  -  July 02, 2021

51st International Annual Conference of the Fraunhofer ICT

... with a different emphasis each year, cover scientific and technological
progress in the entire field of energetic materials and the related disciplines.

Held annually for over 50 years, the conferences have gained worldwide
importance, with hundreds of participants from more than 30 nations
each year. The conferences are held in Karlsruhe’s Convention Center, one hour south of Frankfurt International Airport.


Energetic Materials – Exploring and Understanding

For decades, energetic materials have been the subject of research
and development in many areas including synthesis, processing and
characterization. Established materials – which have been in service for
many years – are understood in more detail and new materials with special
properties are sought and discovered. In this respect both well-known
methods and new techniques such as data mining or new experimental
technologies are important. The impact of these new techniques is as yet
unforeseeable, but they open up new and interesting possibilities.
The 51st International Annual Conference of Fraunhofer ICT addresses the full spectrum of research and development, from better understanding, improved processing and new formulations to the synthesis of new and interesting compounds, providing both in-depth knowledge and new perspectives.

Scientists participating in this conference have the opportunity to present
their results and discuss them with their peers, to learn about the needs of the armed forces and to contribute their ideas for the future of energetic materials.

Main topics

  • New energetic materials
  • Synthesis and processing
  • New experimental and data-driven methods
  • Simulation and modelling


General information


  • Abstracts (to December 17, 2020
  • Reply to authors February/March 2021
  • Full papers April 2021

The program will be published in April 2021.

Chairman of the Conference

Moritz Heil

Fraunhofer ICT, Pfinztal, Germany

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT

The Fraunhofer ICT in Germany is a unique research and development facility with competence in the fields of energetic materials, energetic systems, polymer engineering, applied electrochemistry and environmental engineering. It comprises the entire spectrum from basic research tasks to
application in products according to its customers‘ needs. In the field of propellants and explosives the Fraunhofer ICT, with its 500 employees, is the only research institute in Germany to perform contractual research for the Federal Ministry of Defence, the national and international defence
industry as well as commercial clients. Founded in 1959, the Fraunhofer ICT has gained an international reputation, especially in the fields of:

  • Material and processing technology
  • Formulation, characterization and manufacturing of energetic and
    polymeric materials
  • Mechanical and chemical processing technology
  • Substance and material properties and structure analysis
  • Combustion, reaction kinetics
  • Physical and chemical analysis of combustion and detonation
  • Energy balance and conversion
  • Sensor technology
  • Environmental and safety engineering
  • Gas explosions and hazards
  • Environmental testing
  • Waste disposal and recycling