High-performance fiber composites

The research group for high-performance composites is concerned with material and processing tasks relating to resin transfer molding (RTM). The aim is the further development and industrialization of the process for the large-scale manufacturing of components made from high-performance composites based on thermosetting and thermoplastic (T-RTM) matrix resins.

Textile technology, preforming and handling

Research activities in this field range from binder formulations and the modification of woven fabrics to improve their handling and draping properties, through to the development and evaluation of new preform processes.

Thermoplastic RTM process (T-RTM)

Activities in the field of T-RTM focus on material and process development for the manufacture of structural components using in-situ polymerizing thermoplastic matrix systems.


Thermosetting RTM process (RTM)

In order to integrate the RTM process into medium and large-scale production in the automotive sector, two new processing variants are currently being investigated and further developed. These are so-called high-pressure compression RTM (HP-CRTM) and high-pressure injection RTM (HP-IRTM).


Continuous-RTM (pultrusion)

Main focus of activities in Pultrusion is the resin-system optimization of Epoxy- and PUR-based systems, as well as the design optimization of closed resin injection & impregnation chambers.