Thermoset processing

The research group for thermosets processing works on material and process development for the large-scale manufacture of long-fiber-reinforced composite components with thermosetting matrices for structural and surface-specific applications. The focus is on sheet molding compounds (SMCs), direct sheet molding compounds (D-SMCs), bulk molding compound (BMC) and polyurethane fiber spraying.

Sheet molding compound (SMC)

SMC enables lightweight solutions to be developed for application fields characterized by high mechanical, chemical and thermal demands.

Direct sheet molding compound (D-SMC)

The direct process for SMCs enables continuous production of SMC compounds, followed directly by extrusion processing to produce components.

Polyurethane fiber spraying

Polyurethane fiber spraying is an extremely flexible process which can be used in the manufacture of long-fiber-reinforced polyurethane components and polyurethane-based sandwich structures.