Interior ballistics and detonics

Experimental investigations into energetic materials and systems, for both defense and civil applications, are a central task of this research group. Energetic materials are characterized and evaluated in terms of their performance, sensitivity and safety behavior. Research focuses on the evaluation of explosives, and on technical safety in the production, transportation, storage and application of the material in the system, from laboratory to real scale.

Interior ballistics

In the field of interior ballistics, the reaction behavior of gun propellants and solid propellants is investigated. Emphasis is placed on measuring the performance and combustion properties of propellant powders, gas generators and novel propellant and charge configurations.


In the field of detonics, the performance properties and safety parameters of propellants and explosives are measured. The infrastructure enables investigations from laboratory scale up to the kilogram range. Explosives bunkers, open-air testing ranges and intrinsically safe boxes are available with a variety of equipment.


High-speed measurement technology

In close collaboration with our customers we develop and construct testing and measurement set-ups adapted to specific tasks. Experiments can be carried out and monitored either at the Fraunhofer ICT or at our customers' sites.

Hydrogen safety

In the field of safety investigations, beside basic investigations into the chemical-physical behavior of hydrogen under different conditions, we carry out comprehensive and customer-specific risk evaluations on vehicles, machinery, systems and buildings in which hydrogen or other explosive gases are used.