Gas generators and non-lethal weapons

Pyrotechnic gas generators are reactive solid mixtures that release large quantities of gas when they react. Beside their application in airbag systems, their potential for separating electrical connections, generating motion and expelling powders and liquids has attracted attention. Pyrotechnic gas generators are light and low-maintenance, have a small installation size and an adjustable gas flow rate, and also have no pre-loaded pressure gas system.

Airbag systems

Modern occupant safety concepts in vehicles ensure the highest possible protection. The best-known and technically best-developed system, the airbag, utilizes pyrotechnic gas generators, and places very high demands on their service life and reliability.

Forming and cutting

Higher-strength sheet steel molds, aluminum alloys and titanium are becoming increasingly important in the sheet metal processing industry, as their use improves product properties and thus permits lighter-weight construction using thinner metal sheets. These advantages can become disadvantages due to the difficulties in processing the high-strength materials.

Non-lethal weapons (NLWs)

In the last few years the availability of NLWs has increased. Media and academic discussions often focus on the dangers and problems associated with these technologies; however it is also important not to dismiss the need for NLWs, and to consider their advantages.

13th Airbag conference

November 2016