Energetic Materials

The Energetic Materials Department works on all aspects of the development, manufacture and application of propellants and explosives. Besides military applications, safety and security research, chemistry and process engineering and material research for the civil sector play an important role.

Research areas in the Energetic Materials Department


Chemical processing technology

In the research area of chemical processing technology, techniques for the synthesis and processing of energetic materials and fine chemicals are developed up to pilot scale. Current examples include microreaction technology, supercritical fluid crystallization processes and fluidized bed technologies.

Chemical processing technology

Safety and security research


Research topics in the area of safety and security research include the detection of explosives and the development of new flame retardancy concepts and high-temperature insulation. At the Fraunhofer ICT manufacturers can also test the suitability of their devices for explosives detection.


Safety and Security research

Defense research on explosives

The group for defense research supports the decision-making and consulting competency of the German Federal Ministry of Defense. Work is focused on formulations for explosives, rocket propellants, gas generators, gun propellants and pyrotechnical compounds.

Defense research on explosives

Smart materials


In the research area of smart materials, the functionalities of microstructures are researched and applied. Examples include microcapsules, molecularly-imprinted polymers, ceramizing layers, ionic liquids, carbon nanotubes, micro- and nanocomposite materials and co-crystals.


Smart Materials