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Business areas

We carry out applied research based on the needs of industrial partners and public authorities.

In our four business areas we combine key competences in research and development for specific industries and products:

Automotive and transport technology

Frontend-Montageträger BMW E46 aus Tailored LFT
© Fraunhofer ICT
Frontend-Montageträger BMW E46 aus Tailored LFT

Lightweight construction is an important topic in research and development for land, air and water transport. We develop concepts, materials and processes for the manufacture of lightweight components. Material-specific design and consideration of the entire life cycle form part of our design process.

Chemistry and process engineering

The synthesis of chemical products and so-called “upstream processing” is our key competence for the chemical industry. A further important topic is microreaction technology for the continuous production of chemical energy sources or pharmaceutical products.

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Energy and environment

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Klimaschrank zum Test von Lithiumbatterie-Zellen

Sustainable and affordable energy supply, and the efficient use of resources, are important elements of current research policies. Energy storage devices for mobile and stationary systems, material and resource savings in new products, the separation and processing of potentially valuable material flows and the extraction of platform chemicals from biomass form part of this business area.

Defense, safety and security, air and space travel

Research in this field is based on the research and technology concept of the German Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg). The Fraunhofer ICT carries out research work for the BMVg in the field of chemistry, physics and process technology for rocket propellants, gun propellants, explosives, detonating agents and other pyrotechnical compounds.

In the area of domestic security, research is focused on the evaluation and detection of hidden explosives and incendiary devices.

We also develop concepts for technical safety and risk assessment of processes and equipment, including hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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