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Investigation of mechanical properties of additive manufactured thermoplastic parts



Additive manufacturing (AM) processes like fused filament fabrication (FFF) allow for increased development times of prototype components and small series production. This technology has many promising industrial applications and a lot of its potential still needs to be explored. A major concern of AM parts is their mechanical properties, particularly when compared with other productions methods such as injection moulding.

The goal of this project is to develop a methodology for optimising the process parameters in view of improved mechanical properties for a certain material system. For this, the influence of process parameters (such as nozzle, heat bed and chamber temperatures, printing speed, etc.) on the final mechanical properties of thermoplastic structures produced with FFF will be investigated. Moreover, the adhesion between subsequent layers is to be studied.

The scope of the thesis can be adapted within the topic to be suited to a Bachelor or Master Thesis. The this can be written in English or German.

Experimental part of the work will take place at the Fraunhofer ICT and the characterisation at the KIT–IAM-WK. 

Main activities

  • Design, manufacturing and optimisation of test samples
  • Implementation of online characterisation methods
  • Mechanical characterisation of printed specimens


  • Methodical and independent way of working
  • Experience with CAD (e.g. Solidworks/CATIA)
  • Basic understanding of polymer science
  • Interest in additive manufacturing

Starting date