Conference  /  28.6.2016 - 1.7.2016

47th International Annual Conference

Energetic Materials – Synthesis, Characterization, Processing

Ongoing research programs worldwide cover the synthesis of energetic compounds and the processing of energetic materials. The classic focus of this research is new energetic materials with enhanced performance and reduced sensitivity. Recently new perspectives have emerged in this field. Increasing awareness of the risks that toxic compounds pose to humans and the environment has led to the banning of hazardous materials, and stimulated the search for non-critical substitute components. Other new perspectives include new synthesis and production methods that are environmentally friendly, or that give access to new energetic materials such as nanocomposites, nano-sized ingredients, co-crystals and energetic ionic liquids.

The 47th International Annual Conference of the Fraunhofer ICT will welcome contributions relating to the synthesis of new energetic components, non-hazardous synthesis and processing techniques, particle technology, binders, curing and bonding agents, oxidizers, formulations and characterization. In addition, associated applications in rocket and
gun propellants, high explosives and pyrotechnics will be highlighted.
Through participation in the ICT’s 47th International Annual Conference, scientists from all over the world will have the opportunity to present, discuss and stay informed about the latest developments, and to generate some trend-setting ideas for the future of the energetic materials

Main topics

  • Synthesis of energetic ingredients for high explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics
  • Replacement of hazardous material/process with less hazardous material/process
  • Unconventional synthesis and production methods (microreactor synthesis, sol gel synthesis, new mixing techniques etc.)
  • Design of new high energy materials (HEM) and/or insensitive materials
  • Processing techniques (safe process control and on-line analytics)
  • Product characterization (performance, insensitivity, small scale testing, stability…)
  • Novel applications of energetic materials


Contributions to the conference can take the form of oral presentations (presentation time 20 minutes including discussion) or posters. Please submit an extended abstract not exceeding 500 words with optional figures and tables together with the exact title and name of the author(s). The papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings which will be available at the beginning of the event. Guidelines on how to prepare the text for publication will be sent to the authors.

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The program will be published in April 2016.